The main mission of SEVİNÇ MACHINERY INC is to make joint efforts with contractors which are experienced in the field of manufacturing and assembly of hydro-mechanical equipments for dams, hydroelectric power plants, regulator structures and irrigation systems by participating to these leading companies in their current and future project and meeting their demands of quality products.

With the participation of all employees we seek to:

To offer quality, on time, reliable and economical manufacturing in with accordance with the demands of our customers.
To implement quality, environment and H&S systems constantly and to improve the performance of these system continuously.
To comply with quality, environment and H&S statutory legislations and with the requirements of related institutions.
To provide safe and healthy working environment and training opportunities for employees.
To take precautions to minimize the effects of environmental damage, during manufacturing and assembly.
To create an effective awareness for environmental and H&S issues by preventing pollution factors.
To protect the health and safety of employees, "There is no job that can be so important and urgent and that the environment and human health could be jeopardized".
To prevent environmental and occupational accidents with all kinds of medical corruption.
See as a tribute to our employees, customers and our country.