Sevinç Makina, which owns the certificates of ISO 9001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 14001:2015 within the scope of Integrated Management Systems, sees it as an indispensable responsibility to create service difference in the continuously developing world, to protect it, to develop it and to meet customer demands in the most accurate way. In this sense process management and continuous improvement, corrective and preventive activities, quality control of products, calibration, and verification of purchased products and monitoring of suppliers' performances are provided with the ISO-9001: 2015 Quality Management System.

All processes are defined within the scope of the design, production and installation services of Sevinç Makina. At all stages from material input to dispatch, products are checked and tested by qualified and calibrated equipment and trained personnel according to the relevant standards and technical specifications.

Sevinç Makina also knows that the institutional sensitivities of basic vital events such as environment, human health and safety play a great role in increasing the social welfare and therefore clearly demonstrates its sensitivity in these matters.


Our main objective as SEVİNÇ MAKİNA A.Ş. is to meet the quality product needs of companies by working together on existing and future projects with investor companies in the production and installation of hydro-mechanical equipment in dams and hydraulic power plants, regulator structures and irrigation systems.


  With the participation of all our employees we want to:


Offer quality, fast, reliable and economical productions within the scope of our customers' demands and maximize customer satisfaction,

Continuously implement the quality, environment and OSH management systems and improve their performance,

Comply with all legal legislation related to quality environment and OHS and meet the conditions of the organizations we depend on,

Provide a safe and healthy working environment and educational facilities to our employees;

Take precautions to minimize the effects that damage the environment during manufacturing and installation;

Create an effective environment and OSH awareness by preventing environmental pollutant factors at the source;

Protect the health and safety of our employees with the principle that no work can be as urgent and important as to put the environment and human health at risk,

Take measures at the source to prevent environmental and occupational accidents and all kinds of health risks,

This we promise to our employees, customers and our country.